The Energy Ministry says a Jamaican remains Chairman of Petrojam due to a request by the Government of Jamaica to their Venezuelan counterparts.

The request was made because Venezuela has come under international pressure and is facing sanctions.

The disclosure about why a Jamaican is currently Chairman of Petrojam was made at today’s sitting of Parliament’s Public Administration and Appropriations Committee, PAAC.

PAAC Member, Phillip Paulwell questioned officials of Petrojam and the Energy Ministry about the circumstances in which Jamaican national, Dr. Percival Bahado-Singh, is Chairman of Petrojam.

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Senior Legal Officer at the Energy Ministry, Colleen Weise, responded to Mr. Paulwell.

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And, General Manager of Petrojam, Floyd Grindley, revealed at the PAAC today that Chairman Bahado-Singh resides in Maryland in the United States.

Mr. Grindley was questioned extensively by PAAC members about the circumstances in which Dr. Bahado-Singh was reimbursed by Petrojam for a plane ticket he had paid for to attend a Petrojam meeting in London.

The Petrojam General Manager says Dr. Bahado-Singh paid for the ticket but did not attend the meeting because the flight was canceled due to bad weather in London.

Mr. Grindley says Dr. Bahadoo Singh was reimbursed by Petrojam for the ticket he paid for.

According to Mr. Grindley, Dr. Bahado Singh eventually returned the money to Petrojam.

Mr. Grindley was initially questioned about the issue by Phillip Paulwell.

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Mr. Grindley was unable to say when the money was returned to Petrojam.

PAAC Member, Juliet Holness urged the Petrojam General Manager to write the committee and provide details about the ticket funds reimbursement issue.

Mrs. Holness cautioned the Petrojam General Manager.

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And the Petrojam General Manager, Floyd Grindley, came under fire today from Opposition PAAC Member, Fitz Jackson.

Mr. Jackson blasted Grindley shortly after the Petrojam General Manager revealed that during the past year thirteen of 160 technical staff members left the state-owned oil refinery.

The Opposition MP asked Mr. Grindley how many of the 13-staff members no longer at the entity have made a complaint to the Labour Ministry.

Mr. Grindley said two. But, he was unable to say whether the two were arguing that they’ve been unfairly dismissed.

PAAC Chairman, Dr. Wykeham McNeil attempted to intervene when Mr. Jackson lost his cool.

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Mr. Grindley consulted his support staff and eventually confirmed that the two staff members are making claims of unfair dismissal.

Mr. Jackson described the answer given to him as ‘mumbo jumbo’.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Grindley told the PAAC that a new Human Resource Manager at Petrojam is currently being paid less compared to two people who performed her duties when the former PNP administration was in office.

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Mr. Jackson questioned Mr. Grindley about the qualifications of the new HR manager.

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