A shutdown of the petroleum industry is still possible.

That’s the word this afternoon from President of the Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association, JGRA, Phillip Chong.

Mr. Chong says the JGRA is not satisfied with discussions on Friday, involving the organization and the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, and petroleum marketing company, Rubis.

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The Ministry issued a statement last night, urging the JGRA and Rubis to continue negotiations in good faith and find an amicable resolution.

The Energy Ministry says the parties should pursue legal remedies, if they’re unable to come to a resolution.

It says several of the issues outlined are of a private commercial and contractual nature.

Therefore, the government cannot get involved.

However, Mr. Chong says the JGRA does not see the legal route as an option.

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The JGRA is protesting what it says was the ‘hostile’ and ‘unethical’ takeover by Rubis of a gas station in St. Ann that was run by a longstanding dealer.

Mr. Chong says he believes the government should become more involved in resolving the matter.

He says plans for retailers to stop selling gas are still in the works.

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Phillip Chong says the public will be notified when and if retailers decide to stop selling gas.