Nationwide News understands that the United States Government has reinstated the visa of East Kingston Member of Parliament, the PNP’s Phillip Paulwell.

Our sources in diplomatic circles in Washington DC say Paulwell was this week issued a ten year B1/B2 visitor’s visa.

News emerged on November 1, 2019 that Paulwell’s US visa had been revoked by the US Embassy.

No reason was given for the revocation.

The reinstatement of Paulwell’s visa is welcome news for the East Kingston MP whose political career was jolted by the revocation two years ago.

West Portland Member of Parliament, the JLP’s Daryl Vaz’s visa was also revoked in 2019.

Vaz’s visitors visa was also reinstated earlier this year.

Vaz, who’s also the country’s Energy Minister, was also issued a five year diplomatic visa.