Opposition and PNP Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips is criticising the government for not increasing taxi and bus fares despite the hike in fuel and other operating expenses.

He chided the government while speaking last evening to comrades in the North East St Catherine constituency.

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Dr. Phillips suggested that even without a formal price increase, the taxi operators are now more minded to increase fares.

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He’s contending that the price of fuel is now at its highest.

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Dr. Peter Phillips, Opposition and PNP Leader speaking last evening in the North East St Catherine constituency.

The party was presenting its candidate Oswest Senior Smith.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader is suggesting to the Prime Minister that he should lock down the government if he cant appoint a suitable person as the new Minister of Science, Energy and Technology.

Since the former Portfolio Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley resigned, Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he would be appointing a new Minister in approximately two weeks.

This after a systematic review takes place of all boards and agencies which fall under the portfolios.

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