Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, is accusing the government of setting the country back in its development over the last two years of its administration.

Dr. Phillips says despite the PNP setting a strong foundation, the JLP has floundered in managing the country. He was addressing party supporters yesterday at a meeting of the PNP’s National Executive Council at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Downtown Kingston.

Dr. Phillips says for the first time a Prime Minister has spent two years in office without giving a report on their accomplishments.

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Dr. Phillips was delivering the main address to hundreds of party supporters yesterday at a meeting of the PNP’s National Executive Council, at the Jamaica Conference Center in Downtown Kingston. He also notes that international agencies have downgraded Jamaica’s expected growth levels in the two years the JLP has been in power.

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Dr. Phillips also once again attacked the Holness Administration’s lack of a viable solution to Jamaica’s crime problem. He says the declaration of a State of Emergency in St. James and St. Catherine North is not a policy direction but an acceptance of failure.

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The Opposition Leader also slammed the government for seemingly fostering corruption due to numerous scandals.

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