Neika Lewis reports

Vice President of the Opposition, People’s National Party, PNP, Mikhael Phillips, says the appointment of both JC Hutchinson and Daryl Vaz to the new political executive is indicative of what he describes as the Prime Minister’s arrogance.

He says it was hoped that Prime Minister Holness would have waited until the investigations into incidents involving both Ministers were settled before appointing either of them.

Mr Phillips is expressing concern about the appointment of Mr Vaz to the Cabinet and Mr Hutchinson as a State Minister.

This following controversial incidents involving both men in the previous JLP administration.

And, the PNP Vice President says he believes the same should’ve been done before appointing Mr Vaz.

Mr Vaz has been appointed Minister of Science, Energy and Technology.

Mr. Phillips says despite recent utterances from the Prime Minister, he’s not assured much will change in the government’s quest for integrity and accountability.

Meanwhile, Mr Phillips says the Prime Minister should have appointed a more articulate Minister to the Education portfolio.

Mr Phillips says only the party leader can say when the members of the Shadow Cabinet will be named.

Mikhael Phillips, PNP Vice President, speaking today with Nationwide News.