Opposition leader Dr. Peter Phillips says the government must immediately account for the 9 billion dollars borrowed from the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB, to implement NIDS.

On Friday, the Constitutional Court declared the National Identification Registration Act null and void and of no legal effect.

In a statement this morning, Dr. Phillips says the government hastily squandered millions of dollars in advertising the rollout of NIDS.

He says they even boasted about collecting data from public sector employees for this now unlawful system.

According to the statement, the Opposition intends to table several questions in Parliament this afternoon, about the spending so far on NIDS.

This includes spending on consultants, advisers and permanent staff, as well as advertising, public relations and communications.

They also want to know how much has been spent to buy equipment, acquire technology, and on data collection.

Additionally, the Opposition intends to ask the Prime Minister to give details of contracts the government has entered into with third parties for goods and services related to NIDS.

They want to know what is the country’s exposure to contractual obligations, now that the court has struck down the legislation.

And, the Opposition is asking the Prime Minister to state whether data was collected from public sector workers or any other persons as part of the NIDS project.

If so, they want to know what’s being done to ensure the privacy of that data collected and what will now be done with the data.