Outgoing PNP Chairman, Robert Pickersgill, is refusing to be drawn on who he’ll support in the contest to succeed him.

Two senior members of the party, Anthony Hylton and Fitz Jackson, have announced they’re interested in the job.

Mr. Hylton is Deputy Chairman of the party and Member of Parliament for West St. Andrew, while Mr. Jackson is Member of Parliament for South St. Catherine.

Mr. Pickersgill told the PNP’s Executive last night that he’ll not be seeking re-election later this year. He says he’ll explain his reasons for his pending departure at a later date. But Mr. Pickersgill says he’s leaving the post on his own terms. He says he’s not being ushered out.

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The Chairmanship is the second most powerful post in the PNP.

Mr. Pickersgill, who’s known in PNP circles as ‘Chairman for Life’, says he’s leaving the post feeling satisfied with his contribution. He reaffirmed he’ll not be seeking re-election.

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