Environment Minister Robert Pickersgill is expected to deliver a statement shortly, following discussions with government agencies and stakeholders in the bauxite industry.

Minister Pickersgill, along with State Minister for Mining, Julian Robinson, met with representatives from several agencies a short while ago.

These include the National Environment and Planning Agency, NEPA, the Forestry Department and the Jamaica Bauxite Institute, JBI.

The meeting discussed a report yesterday which claimed that the Noranda Bauxite Company is mining or preparing to mine inside the Cockpit Country Protected Area.

But according to the government agencies, no mining activity is currently being undertaken inside the Cockpit Country.

Meanwhile, there’s more concern about the potential damage to the environment, should mining be allowed within the protected area.

The Director of the Windsor Research Centre, Matthew Schwartz, raised the alarm yesterday about mining activities in the area.

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Environmental Economist, Dr. Peter Edwards, says the value of the Cockpit Country runs into the billions of dollars.

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