Prime Minister Andrew Holness has confirmed his administration is working on delivering the next version of their 2016 reduction in income tax.

He’s dubbed the coming reduction “1.5 (2.0)”. The prime minister made the announcement while speaking in Clark’s Town Trelawny on Saturday.

Mahiri Stewart has that report.

In 2016, amid strong opposition from the then PNP government, Andrew Holness and the Jamaica Labour Party proposed an increase the income tax threshold to $1.5 million in order to reduce the income tax burden on Jamaicans.

The then finance minister, Dr. Peter Phillips, said the plan could not work.

Dr. Phillips labelled the plan a trick.

Holness and the JLP would go on to win the general election and implement the plan.

Mark Golding and the PNP have since promised to increase the income tax threshold to $3 million. But the prime minister has labelled the Opposition hypocrites and tricksters for seeking to claim what he says is a JLP policy.

The prime minister says under the JLP, not only has the income tax threshold been increased, but GCT has been reduced.

Meanwhile, the prime minister says his administration has done more to improve the road infrastructure without further burdening the Jamaican people with additional taxes.

Prime minister Andrew Holness, speaking in Clark’s Town Trelawny on Saturday.