Prime Minister Andrew Holness is assuring residents in the Central Kingston Police division that the area is on the government’s priority list for the declaration of Zones of Special Operations, ZOSOs.

The Prime Minister’s assurance comes as persons questioned yesterday during the declaration of a ZOSO in Norwood, why an enhanced security measure was not declared in sections of Central Kingston where there’s been an uptick in murders and shootings in recent months.

The mayhem in sections of Central Kingston re-ignited in recent months, with members of the Genasyde and Darkside Gangs trading bullets in dramatic events across the corporate area.

There’ve been eight murders over the last three weeks in the area.

Councillor Caretaker for the Central Kingston constituency Imani Duncan Pryce has called for a Zone of Special Operations in the area.

The Prime Minister says to implement a ZOSO will require planning.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Holness in explaining the absence of a State of Public Emergency in the area said the measure was not available to his administration.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.