Prime Minister Andrew Holness is again urging Jamaicans to take the Covid-19 vaccine, stressing that vaccination is the only way the government will be able to end curfews and restrictions on national life.

Jamaicans have been living under more than a year of nightly curfews. Several critical sectors of the economy have also been virtually shut down during the period.

The Prime Minister says vaccination is the only way to return to normalcy.

The Prime Minister was addressing party workers during a vaccination tour in North East St. Andrew.

The government has been facing strong levels of hesitancy in the population.

More than 30-percent of Jamaicans polled in a recent Nationwide/Bluedot poll expressing an unwillingness to take the vaccine.

The Prime Minister says vaccination is in the best interest of all Jamaicans.

Mr. Holness urged the party workers to become ambassadors for vaccination.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.