Hykel Nunes reports

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says if the States of Public Emergency, SOEs, had not ended, the country’s murder statistics for 2020 would’ve been better.

Prime Minister Holness says the government is concerned about the murder rate.

He notes that some people are being hypocrites about the SOEs.

During the National Day of Prayer Service this morning, Prime Minister Andrew Holness delivered a passionate speech.

The Prime Minister clapped back at persons who criticized the effectiveness of the SOEs.

He says these are the same persons who are calling for increased police presence:

In an emotionally charged speech, Mr Holness reflected on some of the gruesome murders that occurred last year.

Prime Minister Holness says murders are trending upward.

He noted that the increased savagery of murders is worrying.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Holness says his administration will not support extra-judicial killings from members of the security force.

The Prime Minister says traditional methods of crime fighting relied heavily on the use of force.

He says security forces have done a fairly good job:

Andrew Holness, Prime Minister