British Prime Minister David Cameron is coming under fire from two reparations campaigners for resisting calls to apologize for his country’s role in the slave trade.

Mr. Cameron has also been taken to task for failing to facilitate a discussion about Britain’s payment of reparations for slavery.

Mr. Cameron today described the Transatlantic slave trade as uncivilized and abhorrent, during his special address to a joint sitting of parliament inside Gordon House.

He told parliamentarians that reparations are not the answer.

Speaking to reporters shortly before he addressed the special parliamentary sitting, Prime Minister Cameron said he was not in support of reparations.

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Leading attorney and seasoned reparations campaigner, Anthony Gifford QC, is not amused.

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During his address to parliament today, Cameron condemned the slave trade.

But but did not respond to calls for him to apologize.

The UK Prime Minister said it’s time to move on.

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Prominent attorney Bert Samuels, says Cameron misled parliament when he suggested that people of African descent have emerged from the impact of slavery.

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Meanwhile towards the end of the Mr. Cameron’s wide-ranging presentation in parliament today, lawmakers applauded loudly as he spoke of the urgent need to use transparency to stamp out corruption.

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