Prime Minister Andrew Holness today defended his government’s $13.5-billion tax package in the House of Representatives, saying the measures are revenue neutral.

He told the Opposition that it should never compare its tax packages with those of his government, suggesting they’re different.

Mr. Holness was making his contribution to the 2017/2018 budget debate this afternoon.

Prime Minister Holness says the new tax measures will have a zero net effect on the governments coffers.

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Opposition Spokesman on Finance Dr. Peter Phillips has argued that the new taxes are robbing the poor to satisfy a reckless election promise.

However the Prime Minister says it’s a necessary re-balancing of the economy toward indirect taxation.

He says his administration has sought to deal with possible inequities that could affect poor Jamaicans.

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Mr. Holness says personal income tax is unjust.

He argued that his administration approach to taxation is more equitable.

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The Prime Minister says Dr. Phillips call for a resistance of the tax package must be ‘rum talk’.

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