Prime Minister Andrew Holness says he’s disappointed with the position of the Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, that the PNP will not support the ongoing constitutional reform process if there’s no agreement on establishing the Caribbean Court of Justice, CCJ, as Jamaica’s final appellate court.

Speaking at this morning’s post-Cabinet briefing, the prime minister told journalists that while he’s disappointed, he’s not surprised.

The prime minister made a surprise appearance at the briefing held at Jamaica House and left immediately after his remarks.

Daina Davy reports.

The posture of the opposition leader is causing uncertainty about the reform process going forward.

Mr. Golding instructed the opposition appointees on the Constitutional Reform Committee, CRC to not sign the report prepared by the committee.

That report has been submitted to Cabinet.

According to the prime minister, he expected this move from Mark Golding.

Mr. Holness repeated his claim that there was an understanding with Mr. Golding, before the CRC began its deliberations, that the reform process would be done in phases. This was done during the Vale Royal talks with the opposition leader.

The prime minister says based on those talks, he was of the view that the work of the CRC would proceed in good faith.

The prime minister says notwithstanding the posture of an opposition that’s agitating for state power, the process towards constitutional reform will continue.