Prime Minister Andrew Holness has given yet another indication that a vaccine mandate may be coming.

That came on Monday as he addressed a face-to-face meeting of Cabinet, the first one since December last year.

The Prime Minister says the country will be directed about how the public decides to take the Covid-19 vaccines.

Stevian Simmonds reports.

The Holness-administration has been facing criticisms even from within about the failures of the national vaccination programme.

In an address at Cabinet, Prime Minister Holness says the day’s face-to-face sitting of Cabinet is a signal to the entire country that change is necessary.

The audio of that address was sent to the media by the Office of the Prime Minister.

He says Jamaicans have the options of maintaining the infection prevention measures like social distancing and adhering to protocols such as curfews.

The prime minister says all Cabinet Ministers had to prove they are fully vaccinated before being admitted to the Cabinet meeting.

He’s adamant the way to return the country to what he calls says normality, is for everyone to be vaccinated.