Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ statutory declarations are out. The Integrity Commission today gazetted his statutory declarations today.

The Prime Minister, his wife and children reported local assets totaling just over $J161 million for 2018.

The Holness’ local liabilities for the year amounted to more than $22 million. Overall, their local net worth totaled almost $140 million.

Their total local income for the period amounted to almost $16 million dollars.

Meanwhile, the Holness’ total assets in US dollars amounted to just over $28,000 in savings.

Their total income in US dollars was just over $8,000.

They reported no US liabilities.

In 2016, Prime Minister Holness declared assets of just over $J151 million Jamaica dollars.

His liabilities at the time was just under $35 million.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Andrew Holness is being critical of people who he says spread misinformation in the absence of communication from the government.

Prime Minister Holness says the government suffers from a communication deficit.

He says the deficit often affects the public’s confidence and optimism.

Mr. Holness says he’ll continue to make the necessary information available to the public.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

He was addressing the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of 754 housing solutions at Rhyne Park in St James this afternoon.