Prime Minister Andrew Holness, says Jamaica must not jeopardise hard-won fiscal stability as it continues to strive for economic freedom.

He was giving remarks at a special joint sitting of the Parliament on the Eve of Jamaica’s 60th year as an independent nation.

He says while political independence has been achieved the economy remains a pressing concern.

Chevon Campbell tells us more.

As the world struggles under the weight of overlapping global crises, Prime Minister Holness says his administration has approached Jamaica’s diamond jubilee in a balanced manner.

Twinning celebration with cerebration.

Holness says in 60 years the country has achieved much it can be proud of culturally, socially and politically.

This includes the maintenance of free and fair elections without major incidents of political violence and the creation of institutions ensuring Jamaicans can exercise their rights as citizens.

However, he notes that the country continues to fall short economically.

The prime minister says the country has made gains such as the establishment of an independent central bank and the soon-to-be-established Impendent Fiscal Commission.

The opposition has repeatedly called on the government to be less fiscally conservative in order to better assist Jamaicans struggling with soaring prices and high inflation.

But, Mr. Holness argues that despite the difficulties being faced the country must remain steadfast and resist calls to break with sound economic management.