Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller should lead a coordinated plan and team to drive economic growth!

That’s the call from Co-Chair of the Economic Programme Oversight Committee, EPOC, Richard Byles.

Mr. Byles says the country would stand a good chance of seeing higher levels of GDP expansion, if the Prime Minister were leading the charge for economic growth based on a concrete plan.

According to Mr. Byles, the only way a plan for growth will gain traction and have teeth is if it originates at the highest level of the government.

Mr. Byles has said in the past that a committee similar to EPOC would be useful in helping to generate economic growth. However, he’s now adding that the Prime Minister should lead that committee.

He says such a committee would have to be underpinned by a specific plan to drive economic growth and it should be similar to the fiscal plan underlying the IMF programme.

Mr. Byles says such a plan would require the leadership of Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller if it’s to be successful.

The EPOC co-chair explained that the only reason committee has been a success is because there exists an underlying plan that’s now being monitored.

He says any growth plan should be a collaboration between the government and the private sector.