Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the damage from the recent tropical disturbance is manageable.

During a tour of communities impacted by the inclement weather, the prime minister says it has been isolated to a few key areas.

The weather event identified as Potential Tropical Cyclone No. 22 passed over the island but failed to properly organise and strengthen.

However, the island was still inundated with heavy rains resulting in severe flooding and several landslides. Prime Minister Holness says the incident highlighted the need for better river training.

Meanwhile, the prime minister lauded the National Work’s Agency, NWA, and other responsible entities for their quick response in the aftermath of the storm.

The prime minister says further aid will be mobilised through various arms of government.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Prime Minister Holness received an initial briefing on the impact of the rains on the island from the National Works Agency’s Communications and Customer Services Manager, Stephen Shaw.

The update was given last night when Mr Holness returned to the country from the Saudi Arabia-Caricom Summit.

Mr Shaw told the prime minister that St. Thomas is among the parishes that is facing severe challenges.

A major roadway, the Betel to Riverdale Road is now cut from several communities.

Meanwhile, although several roads in St. Andrew have been cleared, challenges are also being faced in Portland.

Communications and Customer Services Manager at the NWA Stephen Shaw.

Meanwhile, Nationwide’s Ricardo Brooks spoke with Member of Parliament Dr Michelle Charles about the impact of the rains on the St. Thomas Eastern Constituency.

Dr Michelle Charles, MP for St. Thomas Eastern speaking with Nationwide’s Ricardo Brooks.