Prime Minister Andrew Holness says there’s no doubt that the imposition of tougher mandatory minimum sentences for murder will have a meaningful impact on reducing the incidence of violent crime.

In his contribution to the debate in parliament, Mr. Holness says that’s why his administration is moving full speed ahead to pass the appropriate legislation.

Chevon Campbell has that story.

Prime Minister Holness says just as the new Firearms Act has had a positive impact on reducing the prevalence of guns, he’s certain stricter penalties for murders will do the same.

He says this will particularly affect change among young Jamaicans.

However, Mr. Holness says the ultimate cure for unattached youth is providing more opportunities. He says his administration can be credited with tackling that issue.

The prime minister also sought to rubbish a claim by South East St. Andrew MP, Julian Robinson, that he had no one to turn to in instances of a flare up of violent crime.

Mr. Holness says the MP is well aware that he can consult the Community Safety Branch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.