Ten trips, at a cost of almost $13-million.

That’s how much it’s cost the country to pay for the overseas trips of Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, for the ten months between March, 2016 and December 2016.

The disclosure was made in the Senate today by Information Minister, Ruel Reid. He was responding to questions tabled by Opposition Senator, Lambert Brown.

There was tension in the Upper House as Government Senator, Matthew Samuda, pushed back against concerns raised by Senator Brown about the cost of the Prime Minister’s trips.

The Information Minister told the Senate that Prime Minister Holness has made 10 overseas trips in just under a year since he returned to office.

Senator Reid says the trips have cost approximately USD$99,000; the equivalent of about JMD$12.6-million.

He noted that among the trips was an engagement between Mr. Holness and high ranking officials of the IMF, as Jamaica pursued a new deal.

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But Senator Brown suggested that Prime Minister Holness was wasteful.

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Government Senator, Matthew Samuda, defended the Prime Minister.

He reminded the House of the cost of the overseas trips of former Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller.

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Opposition Senator, Wentworth Skeffrey, objected. He argued that Senator Samuda had introduced a different subject matter.

Opposition Senator, K.D. Knight, also objected.

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