The People’s National Party, PNP Patriots, is accusing House Speaker, Marisa Dalrymple Philibert, of being politically biased.

President of the PNP Patriots, Lenroy James, says Tuesday’s incident was yet another indication of the House Speaker’s favouritism to the governing party.

The Opposition walked out of Tuesday’s sitting of the House of Representatives after they were engaged in a squabble with government members of the House.

Mr James says un-parliamentary comments were swirled between both parties.

However, the Speaker of the House claimed she did not hear the derogatory words from the government benches.

Mr. James says the continued favouritism should not continue without sanction.

He says the House Speaker should step aside to receive proper management training.

Lenroy James, President of the PNP Patriots.

The Patriots is the young professional affiliate of the People’s National Party.