PNP chairman, Dr. Angela Brown Burke, says the House Speaker is overreaching in trying to discipline Clerk of the House, Valrie Curtis.

Dr. Brown was speaking on Nationwide This Morning.

House Speaker, Juliet Holness in a March 22, 2024 letter to Mrs. Curtis accused her of gross dereliction of duty in the handling of Auditor General reports.

According to Mrs. Holness, she’s alarmed to discover that the Financial Services Commission and Tax Administration Jamaica special audit reports were submitted to parliament by the Auditor General under the wrong section of the Financial Administration and Audit Act.

The House Speaker says the Clerk has a responsibility to ensure that the parliament complies with established laws, protocols, and guidelines, including rulings in the House of Representatives.

Mrs. Holness told Mrs. Curtis that her failure to comply with the agreed-upon and established procedure had undermined the effectiveness of the institution.

The Speaker told Mrs. Curtis that a copy of the letter would be placed on her personal file.

Dr. Angela Brown Burke is claiming that the House Speaker doesn’t have the authority to discipline the Clerk of the House.

Dr. Angela Brown Burke, Chairman of the PNP.