Political tension is brewing in St. Thomas Western as the Opposition PNP is accusing the Member of Parliament James Robertson of neglecting his duty to serve constituents of the Cedar Valley Division.

According to a release from the PNP Councillor Candidate Sandra Anderson, residents of two sections in the Cedar Valley Division continue to face dire circumstances as their urgent pleas for help have not been answered by Mr Robertson.

Ms Anderson claims that in one area known as River Head, an oversized stone and a damaged bus shed pose a significant threat to the community. This danger she says has been present since the massive earthquake almost two weeks ago and has been exacerbated by the heavy rainfall. In chiding the MP, Ms Anderson asserts that the residents’ safety and welfare are at risk, yet their concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

She further stated that in areas along Richmond Road, multiple landslides and extensive debris have rendered the area impassable and the lack of access is hindering the daily lives of the residents, leaving them stranded and isolated. She is demanding urgent action which she says is required to clear the road and restore normalcy to the community.

Ms Anderson is emphasising that her opponent, Louis Sean Chin of the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), owes a duty to ensure that the roadways are promptly cleared and normalcy is restored.