PNP Campaign Spokesman, Delano Franklyn, says it’s not unusual for Jamaicans to register companies in St. Lucia due to the favorable taxation climate in that island.

Mr. Franklyn this morning conceded that there are members of the PNP who have companies registered in St. Lucia.

Among them is the party’s former caretaker for Northern Trelawny, JP Whyte.

It’s alleged that Andrew Holness is a Director of a St. Lucian registered company, through which he bought the property on which he’s building a house in Beverly Hills, St. Andrew.

Mr. Franklyn says the PNP wants Mr. Holness to explain the reasoning behind a notation on the purchase document which says,”signed while on a visit to Jamaica”.

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AND .. Mr. Franklyn says the PNP remains committed to the ideals of transparency and removing any perception of corruption.

He told a media briefing today that he cannot say whether the PNP will publish documents confirming that it has returned a controversial donation it received from the Dutch firm Trafigura Beheer in 2006.

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