Nationwide News understands that a resolution to allow all registered PNP members to vote during internal elections is currently before the party’s Structures Review Committee.

Following deliberations by the structures committee of the party, the resolution will then be presented to the party’s National Executive Council.

If accepted, the passage of the resolution could see the PNP moving away from its the current delegates-only voting system.

Sources close to the matter say the resolution was brought by PNP President Mark Golding and has favour with several senior members of the PNP.

More than 3300 delegates were eligible to vote in the November 2020 presidential election between Hanna and Golding.

Just short of 3000 delegates also decided the leadership contest between Former Party Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips and Peter Bunting.

Only 76 votes from that delegate pool separated the victor Peter Phillips and the Challenger Bunting.

The PNP reportedly has approximately 45-thousand registered members.