Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Julian Robinson, says the PNP is considering legal action against Speaker of the House of Representatives, Juliet Holness, over her handling of reports from the Auditor General.

He’s referring to her initial ruling to have reports from the Auditor General Department first sent to the portfolio minister before being tabled.

Mr. Robinson says Mrs. Holness’ interpretation of the law is wrong.

Robian Williams reports.

During Tuesday’s sitting of the House of Representatives, Mrs. Holness walked back her prior ruling. Mrs. Holness directed that two reports from the Auditor General be tabled despite previously having them sent back.

Mr. Robinson believes the House Speaker bowed to public pressure.

Mr. Robinson notes that the opinion of the Attorney General would bring clarity to the situation.

Mrs. Holness says she will meet with the Auditor General some time this week to seek agreement going forward. Mr. Robinson is advising against any such meeting.