Chairman of the St. Mary Parish Council, Levan Freeman, says the council will be meeting to decide whether the Councilor of the governing People’s National Party who’s facing criminal charges, will be sent on leave.

Councillor Fitzroy Bailey was jailed yesterday after being charged with illegal possession of firearm and assault.

Mayor Freeman says the Council will meet in a few weeks to determine whether Councillor Bailey, who’s facing criminal charges, will be sent on leave.

Mayor Freeman says he cannot take any action at this time against his fellow councillor.

The St. Mary Parish Council is set to meet next on September 11.

In the meantime, more details are emerging regarding the report made by a couple which resulted in Councillor Bailey being arrested and charged.

His lawyer, Oswest Senior Smith, says the councillor is accused of assaulting a couple after an altercation developed at a car wash.

Bailey is accused of using a licensed gun in an illegal way.

The attorney says his client has taken up his bail offer and is now out of jail.