A battle is looming between the country’s Youth Minister, Lisa Hanna and Councillor to the Bensonton Division, Lydia Richards, for the right to be the governing PNP’s candidate for South East St. Ann in the next General Election.

Miss Hanna is the incumbent MP for the area.

Nationwide News understands that Councillor Richards told a delegates meeting in her division that she intends to offer herself to be selected as the PNP’s candidate in South East St. Ann.

Miss Richards has been Councillor for the Bensonton Division since 2003.

Councillor Richards confirmed with our news center that she has indicated to delegates  that she intends to be the PNP’s candidate when Prime Minister Portia Simspon Miller calls General Elections.

She says she’ll write the party secretariat  and formally indicate her intentions.

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The move by the Councillor to seek to become MP  has come as relations have reportedly soured between Lisa Hanna and some comrades in for South East St. Ann.

Hanna, who’s also Chairman of the governing PNP, Region 1, has from time to time been spoken of by some as a future Prime Minister.

But now it appears she’ll be facing an internal battle to remain as the PNP’s flag bearer in the constituency.

Councillor Richards says sections of South East St. Ann have suffered from inadequate representation under Miss Hanna’s watch and she’ll do a better job.

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Speaking on January 26, on Nationwide@5, Lisa Hanna indicated that despite resistance from what she said is a few members of the constituency she intends to seek re-election as MP and will not back down.