Councillor for the Kintyre Division in East Rural St. Andrew, the PNP’s Artnell McDonald, is denying any wrongdoing, as the police investigate a land distribution deal in the Dallas Mountain area of the constituency.

Nationwide News understands that the sale of lands has caused tensions to escalate between rival gangs in the volatile communities of August Town, Bedward Gardens and Tavern.

Minister with responsibility for Housing, Dr. Morais Guy, has ordered that the sale of lots, some for as low as $3000, should cease immediately.

Our sources say a Don based in the community of Tavern in East Rural St. Andrew supported by others have taken charge of hundreds of acres of Government land in the nearby Bedward Community in Eastern St, Andrew.

Over 500 lots selling for as little as $3,000 and $25000 have been distributed in what some residents say is a massive land distribution scheme to drum up support ahead of the next General Election.

The lots have been distributed over the past few weeks in exchange for money being paid to the well known don who’s aligned to the governing PNP.

Senior sources in the Police High Command told our news center today the Don and others will be called in for questioning in connection with the land racquet.

Councillor McDonald is denying any wrongdoing. He concedes that he was in some way involved in the land issue.

He says it’s not true that he was responsible for the development of a new road in Bedward Gardens to facilitate the illegal land sale.

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Councillor McDonald says a high ranking member of the governing PNP contacted him and ordered that the land distribution scheme be placed on pause.

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Meantime ..our sources say the illegal land sale has resulted in rising tension between rival gangs in the area.

Members of the reputed Dawg Paw gang are reportedly livid at some of the proceeds of the land sale being turned over to the don who’s based in the neighbouring Tavern community.

Police sources say the don is suspected to be one of the main organizers of the land scheme.

It’s understood that influential forces in the community of Judgement Yard in August Town have purchased some of the lands from the don and are now upset that titles and receipts promised have not been supplied.