The Opposition People’s National Party is chiding Prime Minister Andrew Holness, for what they see as his injudicious fine gimmick imposed on his cabinet ministers who are accused of breaching the Disaster Risk Management Act.

In a statement at the weekend, the Opposition says Prime Minister Holness made frivolous remarks, which have angered and offended the sensibilities of Jamaicans.

They’re referring to the prime minister’s call that his fellow cabinet members who were in a photo, mask-less, at the launch of a music album by popular artiste, Shenseea, last week being fined $100,000.

The opposition says many Jamaicans who’ve run afoul of the DRMA have been subjected to hefty fines of  $200,000 or jail time if they were not able to pay.

The opposition noted that the law of the land, which governs all Jamaicans, does not give the prime minister any power to impose fines. 

It says the prime minister went to Parliament and joked about a matter that has inflicted serious injustice and harm on many lives.

The PNP says it shows blatant contempt and disregard for the people and the processes that govern them.

The opposition noted that the prime minister’s remarks reflect a blatant double standard in law enforcement, further reinforcing the reality of the two Jamaicas that exist.

They’re calling on the prime minister to apologise publicly for his remarks, which they believe have trivialised a serious matter affecting the rule of law, and have left Jamaicans with a bitter taste in their mouths.