The Opposition People’s National Party, PNP, is demanding that the government make a full disclosure of the accounting information surrounding the allocation of funding for Labour Day projects.

Yesterday’s Labour Day allocations show that PNP MPs received only 19-million dollars of nearly 55-million allocated for Labour Day projects from the Tourism Product Development Company, TPDCo.

This, despite the fact that the PNP has 31 members of parliament to the JLP’s 32.

The Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Dr. Peter Phillips, today doubled down on the Government, over the the allocation of funding for labour day projects.

Dr. Phillips says the Opposition stands ready to end bi-partisan cooperation if the Holness- administration continues to operate inequitably.

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He says the Government’s distribution of the funds appears to be have been nothing but partisan.

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But speaking with Nationwide News, Tourism Minister, Edmund Bartlett denied that there was discrimination in the allocation of funds.

He says some MPs received larger amounts because they had made previous requests for support, after being denied under the PNP administration.

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But Dr. Phillips says that appears to have been a contrived explanation after the Opposition complained.

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Dr. Phillips was speaking at the party’s Old Hope Road Headquarters.