The campaign manager for PNP Presidential aspirant, Dr. Peter Phillips, Fitz Jackson says Phillips has such overwhelming support that the party may not need to have an election for President.

PNP President Portia Simpson Miller announced on Sunday that she will not be seeking re-election for the post.

Dr. Phillips, a former Minister of Finance, and Peter Bunting, a former National Security Minister, have both made public their intention to offer themselves for the party’s top job.

But Mr. Jackson says Dr. Phillips could be ushered into the position by affirmation.

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According to Jackson, there’s a strong possibility that Bunting will not offer himself for the position.

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Peter Bunting confirmed with Nationwide News earlier this week that he will be running for PNP President.

This was done via a brief WhatsApp message on Monday, the day after Mrs. Simpson Miller announced she will be stepping down.