Multiple zoom meetings and conference calls are being held as the two factions in the embattled Opposition People’s National Party, are consulting and strategizing on their next move.

It’s understood that the One PNP faction supporters cannot agree on what to do next following the mass resignations of the four Vice Presidents and Chairman last Friday.

It’s understood that the Rise faction is stepping up their on the ground meetings with their key supporters and social media activists.

And an online petition asking Dr. Peter Phillips to return as Leader of the Opposition appears to be attracting interest.

The petition was launched by controversial PNP activist, Karen Cross, and blogger, Michelle Stern.

It’s asking the former PNP President to allow Opposition MPs to replace Mark Golding and reinstate him as the party’s parliamentary leader.

Just before news time, more than 160 signatories had signed the petition.

Wayne Walker reports.

Jamaica’s Constitution mandates the Governor General to appoint the person in the House of Representatives best able to command the confidence of the majority of MPs who do not support the government.

The petition wants Dr. Phillips to return to his old job.

Karen Cross in appealing to Dr. Phillips to return says the PNP needs steady hands.

Dr. Peter Phillips led the PNP to its biggest defeat in more than 30 years in a contested General Election.

The Andrew Holness-led JLP trounced the Phillips led PNP 49-14 in the September 2020 General Election.

Miss Cross is not detained by that fact.

She says Dr. Phillips’ failings as party leader should be separated from the job of Leader of the Opposition.

Miss Cross says Mark Golding has failed to distinguish himself as Leader of the Opposition.

At least seven of the fourteen incumbent PNP MPs did not support Mark Golding’s bid for PNP President in last year’s November internal election.

It is not immediately clear whether any of them support Ms. Cross’ petition.