The Opposition People’s National Party will, on Monday, finalise their slate of speakers for the local government debates scheduled for later this week.

This is despite advertisements in the media showing Natalie Neita Garvey, Scean Barnswell, and Waynette Strachan as the PNP speakers for the first debate on Thursday.

The topic of that debate is ‘Local Government Policy and How It Affects You’.

Andrew Swaby, Allan Bernard, and Kadian Harty were listed as the PNP debaters for the second debate on Saturday. ‘Local Government At Work’ is the announced topic for that debate.

However, Nationwide News has been reliably informed that, despite the publications, the final decision regarding the slate of debaters will be made on Monday.

Meanwhile, Vice Chairman of the Jamaica Debates Commission, Brian Schmidt, told Nationwide News that parties are free to change their slate of speakers.

Brian Schmidt, Vice Chairman of the Jamaica Debates Commission.

The governing Jamaica Labour Party says it will be represented by Charles Sinclair, Venesha Phillips and Richard Creary on Thursday, while Richard Vernon, Delroy Williams and Whitney Smith Currie will represent the party on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Jamaica Debates Commission expects that the debates will be keenly watched by voters.

Brian Schmidt says the commission’s debates have had substantial viewing in the past and they impacted the decision making process.

He’s encouraging Jamaicans to watch the debates.

Mr Schmidt says the debates have become an important feature of Jamaica’s democracy.

Brian Schmidt, Vice Chairman of the Jamaica Debates Commission.