Political analyst, Professor Damion Blake, says the Opposition People’s National Party is ill-equipped to meet the needs of Jamaica’s current social and economic realities.

The Professor says the indicators which previously made the party a viable option are no longer present.

The Professor’s assessment of the party follows the resignations of its Vice Presidents and chairman, Phillip Pawell.

Last Friday, Mr. Paulwell, Damion Crawford, Wykeham McNeil, and Mikael Phillips sent shock waves through the party when they announced their resignations.

Professor Blake says the PNP is no longer attractive to several segments of the Jamaican population.

The Professor says the PNP base has also become disaffected with the party.

He notes that the party is failing to present itself as a viable option to its base and the public at large.

Professor Damion Blake, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Elon University.

He was speaking on Nationwide at 5 last evening.

Meanwhile, former Member of Parliament, Lloyd B. Smith, says the PNP’s former leaders and party elders should intervene to assist in succession planning in the party.

Lloyd B. Smith, former MP for Central St. James.

He was speaking last evening on Nationwide at 5.