The People’s National Party, as it seeks to reinvigorate itself as a political force, says its Policy Commission has been called on to modernise its core philosophies.

That’s according to a statement released by the party on Monday afternoon.

The PNP says the Commission is expected to produce a document as to how best to accomplish this by the first quarter of next year.

Chevon Campbell tells us more.

The PNP says in early 2021, Party President, Mark Golding, reconstituted the Party’s Policy Commission as the Policy- Vision Commission.

It’s been charged with defining the contemporary political philosophy of the PNP through meaningful policy positioning.

Mr. Golding appointed Brown University Professor, Anthony Bogues, to Chair the Commission.

Professor Bogues serves as the Director of the Center of the Study of Slavery and Justice and is a chaired University Humanities Professor.

According to the PNP, Professor Bogues worked closely with Prime Minister Michael Manley and in the 1980’s was the secretary of the Party’s Political Education Commission.

It says he holds a deep understanding of the Party’s earlier philosophies, as well as the necessary steps it must take in modernizing those philosophies.

The ultimate goal of the committee is the crafting of a transformational, 21st century policy and vision document that is guided by equitable economic, social and political development.

The PNP says this will be rooted in transformational political philosophy, and will be used to distinguish the party.

According to the PNP the team is working to produce a discussion paper by the first quarter of 2022.

It says this will be presented to the Party’s National Executive Council, after national consultation.

Currently the Commission is composing a briefing paper on the implications that the use of arable land for housing development has on agriculture.

The PNP says this Policy and Visioning Commission serves to modernize the party’s approaches to guaranteeing a safer, more just and inclusive Jamaica.