The young professional caucus of the People’s National Party, the Patriots, is calling on the JLP’s candidate for South East St. Mary, Dr. Norman Dunn to release his military records.

Patriots President, Omar Newell, says Dr. Dunn should clarify the circumstances surrounding his separation from the Jamaica Defense Force, JDF.

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In response, Dr. Dunn says he voluntarily walked away from the Jamaica Defense Force.

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Dr. Dunn says he’s proud to have served the JDF.

He says he considers the military and the Jamaica Constabulary Force two great institutions which he’ll be encouraging persons from South East St. Mary to join.

Meanwhile, the JLP candidate says he’ll not be distracted by the Opposition.

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And, Dr. Dunn says he’ll be taking legal action against the president of the Patriots, Omar Newell. He says the allegations against him as outlined in the Patriot’s statement to the media are defamatory.