The People’s National Party is promising to establish a National Agriculture Insurance Scheme to protect farmers from natural disasters and widespread diseases.

It’s part of the PNP’s 2020 Election Manifesto launched yesterday.

The party is promising that animal farmers will be able to access security grants to assist with installing security infrastructure as a praedial larceny countermeasure.

The Manifesto also suggests attempts to provide better access to CARICOM markets for Jamaican farmers through the establishment of a National Agricultural Marketing Board.

The Board will be tasked with taking advantage of CARICOM protections, entrenching Jamaican agriculture in, and focus on strengthening the global brand appeal and industry of Jamaican coffee and cocoa.

It’s also promising to modernize the fisheries sector, rehabilitate and maintain farm roads, and strengthen food safety and traceability.

The PNP says it will also pursue investors in Cold Chain logistics for effective storage and shelf life extension for fruits, vegetables, meats, and other perishables.