PNP President Mark Golding says the party’s put together a unity team to chart a peace and unity plan for its members.

This as he says the party’s been grappling with internal negative feelings coming out of the recent internal Presidential elections.

Mr Golding told PNP councilors in East St Catherine yesterday that he’s also completing his draft proposal on the fund he promised to assist struggling party workers.

And he says the party’s in preparation mode for the upcoming local government elections.

More in this report from Neika Lewis.

Mr Golding told councilors in St Catherine Eastern that the unity team will be meeting today for the first time to chart the way forward for peace in the PNP.

He’s urging comrades to respect the office of the Presidency.

The PNP president says he’s also made progress in establishing and delivering on a relief fund promised during his presidential campaign for party workers who’ve fallen on hard times.

Meanwhile, the newly appointed Opposition Leader says the party’s in preparation mode for the upcoming local government elections.
The law has allowed for that election to be held between December 1 this year and February 28 next year.

He says there’s still hope for the party to show itself as a worthy option to secure the local government elections.
Neika Lewis for Nationwide News.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader says he’s yet to see any convincing reasons by the government as to why Portmore should become a parish.

He says at this time he’s against the suggestion and can see better use of the country’s resources rather than to seek to push what he describes as a political agenda.

Mark Golding, Opposition Leader and PNP President speaking last evening to Councilors in St Catherine Eastern.