There’s tension in the PNP Region 3 organization this afternoon following a clash this weekend between PNP Vice President, Dr Angela Brown Burke and Councilor, Kari Douglas.

The clash took place in a PNP Region 3 WhatsApp group where over 100 comrades communicate.

Dr Brown Burke is Member of Parliament for South West St. Andrew.

Miss Douglas is Councilor for the Trafalgar Division in PNP General Secretary, Julian Robinson’s South East, St. Andrew constituency.

Dr. Brown Burke triggered the clash when she told the PNP Region 3 group that she’s willing to take legal action against comrades who’ve been causing harm to her reputation.

Councilor Douglas responded by asking Dr. Brown Burke – “how much harm have you caused and to how many comrades?”

The PNP Vice President told Councillor Douglas that she has apologized to three comrades who she has harmed because of the toxic elements which politics has forced her to associate with.

Dr. Brown Burke says those three comrades are her sons and they have forgiven her.

The PNP Vice President told Councilor Douglas that she’d not wallow in the mud with her.

Dr. Brown Burke further accused Miss Douglas of having secrets for several PNP Members who are afraid to speak.

The PNP Vice President told the two-term Councilor – “Fortunately, I am not one of those you have secrets for, neither do you have damning information about my activities.”

Councillor Douglas fired back.

She accused the PNP Vice President of being a rumour monger who cannot help the PNP’s attempt to return to office.

Councilor Douglas told Dr. Brown Burke – ” the truth is constant and consistent – tell your worshippers and palace guards who have no ability to return the PNP to power, I said so. You can send them for me again – as you have done during the past several years!”

Douglas told Brown Burke that she does not fear her and will not back down.

Councillor for the Molynes Division and Angela Brown Burke-ally, Patrick Roberts intervened.

Councilor Roberts accused his colleague Councilor in the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation of disrespecting the PNP Vice President.

But Councilor Douglas told Roberts he should be quiet and learn to construct a proper sentence.

Several Nationwide News sources say the intense verbal combat forced the intervention of PNP Region 3 Chairman, Phillip Paulwell.

Mr. Paulwell reportedly deleted several members from the PNP Region 3 WhatsApp group in a bid to restore calm.

Efforts this afternoon to contact Councilor Douglas were unsuccessful.