Opposition Spokesperson on Justice, Senator Donna Scott Mottley, is rejecting Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ justification for extending the tenure of DPP Paula Llewelyn for three years.

Ms. Llewelyn was set to retire as Director of Public Prosecutions when she turns 60 in September.

However, Prime Minister Holness announced this week that her term will be extended.

Mrs. Scott Mottley is also refuting statements that Mr. Holness attributed to Opposition Leader Dr. Peter Phillips, in addressing the matter.
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Prime Minister Holness said this week that one of the reasons for extending Ms. Llewellyn’s tenure was to allow more time for a proper transition when she retired.

But Mrs. Scott Mottley says the DPP’s upcoming retirement should’ve been known.

It’s been revealed that Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, had objected to the extension of Ms. Llewellyn’s tenure.

He reportedly wrote a letter to the Governor General saying that the DPP’s office had a poor track record on prosecuting corruption.

Prime Minister Holness had also claimed that one of the grounds of Dr. Phillips’ objection was that an incoming administration shouldn’t be tied to the existing DPP.

However, Senator Scott Mottley is denying that claim.

But she says Dr. Phillips will not clarify the matter by making his letter public, as it goes against convention.

She says it would be improper for the DPP’s performance to be discussed publicly by the Opposition Leader.

Senator Scott Mottley was speaking on Nationwide This Morning with Kalilah Reynolds and Danielle Archer.
Tauna Thomas for Nationwide News