A Deputy General Secretary of the PNP, Raymond Pryce, says the party has several notable achievements against its name, since it regained control of government approximately three years ago.

In a statement today the PNP says that at this critical juncture, it wishes to re-state its commitment to building a modern Jamaica.

Mr. Pryce says there’s a lot of work left to be done.

But he says the achievements of the Simpson Miller administration since it came into office on December 29, 2011 include a significant reduction in major crimes and the restoration of Jamaica’s reputation on the international scene.

And in a swift reaction, the Opposition JLP says it’s unbecoming and arrogant that the governing PNP has chosen to issue a statement celebrating its three years since returning to office.

JLP General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang says the tenure of the PNP has increased hardship and suffering on the majority of the Jamaica people.

Dr. Horace Chang, JLP General Secretary speaking this afternoon with Nationwide News.

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