Cheap political theatrics!

That’s how the Member of Parliament for South West St. Andrew, Dr. Angela Brown-Burke, has described comments from Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke, referring to Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, as ‘Massa Mark’.

Dr. Brown Burke says the PNP is repulsed and outraged, adding that the Finance Minister must apologise.

Robian Williams tells us more.

Dr. Brown-Burke says she found Dr. Clarke’s comments particularly despicable, given they were made on the occasion being globally recognised as the day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Dr. Brown-Burke says Golding and his family have given exceptional service to the country.

She says matters were made worse by the fact that she was told to sit by members on the government benches when she rose on a point of order.

According to Dr. Brown-Burke House Speaker Marissa Dalrymple Philibert was also culpable for what happened in the parliament on Tuesday.

Dr. Brown-Burke could face sanctions, after disobeying a directive from the House Speaker to withdraw her retort for a member on the government benches to “shut yuh mouth”, during the testy exchanges.

She says she’s unsure whether she will apologise at the next sitting of parliament.