The People’s National Party (PNP) is urging members of the party who’ve been unjustly maligned by comments in social and traditional media to take the appropriate legal action to protect their reputations.

This advice comes in the wake of the corruption scandal rocking the Manchester Municipal Corporation.

In a statement over the weekend, PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, says the party has taken note of various social media posts. He says these posts contain innuendos and slander against the PNP and some party members.

According to Dr. Phillips, who described the remarks as defamatory, the comments in question can’t be supported or justified. He says all persons, including members of the Corporation and those making allegations and comments, should fully cooperate with the police in their investigation.

Dr. Phillips says charges should be brought where there’s sufficient evidence. He says the PNP remains committed to transparency and integrity.

The Opposition Leader also says the PNP doesn’t condone or support any form of wrongdoing or illegal behaviour.