There was drama at today’s meeting of the St. Thomas Parish Council as Police personnel walked out of the meeting after they were accused of being biased against members of the governing People’s National Party.

Head of the St. Thomas Police, Deputy Superintendent, Charmaine Shand and her team, left the meeting after their conduct was called into question by Councilor for the Yallahs Division, the PNP’s Constantine Bogle.

Today’s hostilities between the St. Thomas Police and the PNP members of the parish council follows the arrest and release of a PNP Councillor yesterday by the Police.

Councillor Bogle is angry at the arrest of his colleague.

He explained his reason for accusing DSP Shand and her colleagues of bias.

During today’s meeting Councillor Bogle also questioned whether DSP Shand is qualified to lead the St Thomas police.

He’s calling for an investigation into her appointment.

He says he wants to know what led former Police Commissioner, Owen Ellington, to appoint DSP Shand as commanding officer for St. Thomas.

Mr. Bogle says the PNP members of the Council and DSP Shand have a number of outstanding issues.

When contacted by our news center this afternoon, DSP Shand refused to respond to Mr. Bogle’s comments.

She also declined to say what transpired at today’s heated parish council meeting.

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