Opposition Spokesman for Finance and the country’s potential future Minister of Finance, Julian Robinson, has confirmed that he is a dual British, Jamaican citizen.

Mr. Robinson was born in the United Kingdom before migrating to Jamaica.

He confirmed his status with Nationwide News in a phone conversation on Thursday evening.

This follows the previous revelation that Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, is also a dual British nation.

Mahiri Stewart tells us more.

The matter of dual citizenship was reignited as part of the constitutional reform agenda.

There is no legal stipulation barring an individual with commonwealth citizenship from serving in the House of Representatives.

However, many Jamaicans are clamouring for individuals who hold any form of dual allegiance to be barred from Gordon House.

A recent Bluedot poll showed more than sixty percent of Jamaicans calling for Opposition Leader Mark Golding to renounce his British citizenship if he intends to become prime minister.

It’s understood that Mr. Robinson has declared his status on his nomination form when running as an election candidate.

He currently serves as Member of Parliament for South Eastern St. Andrew. It’s a seat he’s held since 2011.

Mr. Robinson also serves as the Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Planning and Public Service as well as Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee. 

Mr. Robinson has served as General Secretary of the People’s National Party from 2016 to 2020. 

When previously contacted for his opinion on the matter of Mr. Golding’s dual citizenship, he refused to comment.

Mr. Robinson’s admission that he too is a dual British Jamaican citizen means that a future PNP government led by Mark Golding could see the two most powerful positions in cabinet, those of prime minister and finance minister, being held by dual citizens.