The President of the PNP’s Youth Organisation, Krystal Tomlinson, has resigned from the post with immediate effect.

In a statement today, Ms. Tomlinson said her resignation was prompted because she believes the foundations of the PNPYO have been compromised.

In her resignation letter Ms. Tomlinson said she had the displeasure of presiding over a vote of No Confidence in the YO’s General Secretary, Andre Brown, last evening.

According to Ms. Tomlinson, the vote of no confidence stemmed from allegations of fraudulent registration of groups to undermine upcoming elections in the PNPYO.

Tomlinson branded a group in the party as a cabal with a rabid appetite that’s seeking to secure power in the organisation by any means necessary.

The now former PNPYO President said she couldn’t continue to serve where she believes there is a wavering commitment to integrity.

She also lashed a group of parish and region chairmen who she says engineered and facilitated fraudulent behaviour.

Ms. Tomlinson accused the regional chairmen of thinking themselves to be ‘untouchables’ because of their proximity to the leadership of the PNP.

Tomlinson says the actions of the Regional Chairmen undermine the integrity of the PNPYO.

Meanwhile, in announcing her resignation, Ms. Tomlinson highlighted the PNPYO’s achievements under her leadership.

She says in three years the organisation has registered 100 groups with more than 1,000 members. According to Ms. Tomlinson when she started as president in 2018, there were no groups in the PNPYO.

Ms. Tomlinson says the PNPYO has also rekindled global partnerships which led to opportunities for international travel to China and Venezuela.

She says there have also been scholarships secured to study in China.

According to Tomlinson, the PNPYO’s scholarship Programme launched in 2018 now serves 50 students who are midway their programmes of study at the International University of the Caribbean, IUC.

The outgoing PNPYO President says under her leadership the organisation has also been able to turn a deficit in their balance sheet into a surplus.